Past Episodes

  1. Yaqub Chaudhary (Independent Researcher): Interacting with and within the Artificial (abstract)

  2. Beth Singler (University of Cambridge) : "Blessed by the Algorithm": Religious Conceptions of AI and Their Impact on Society (abstract)

  3. Stef Aupers (KU Leuven): 'Things Greater than Thou': AI and a Technical Re-enchantment of the World (abstract)

  4. Lionel Obadia (University of Lyon 2 and French National Research Agency): Magic of AI, AI for Magic? Magical Thinking Practices and Digital Age (abstract)

  5. Inken Prohl (University of Heidelberg): Algorithms as Formations Analogous to Religion: Discourses and Materialities (abstract)

  6. Erica Baffelli (University of Manchester): The Android and the Fax: AI and Buddhism in Contemporary Japan (abstract)

  7. Oliver Krüger (University of Fribourg): God, the Singularity and the Transcendent Superintelligence: Philosophical Contexts of the Transhumanist Utopia (abstract)

  8. Robert Geraci (Manhattan College): Technological Give-and-Take: Religions of AI in Indian Science and Engineering (abstract)

  9. Zachary Calo (Hamad Bin Khalifa University): Human Dignity after the Human (abstract)

  10. Nachum Dershowitz ( Tel Aviv University): Morality and AI (abstract)

  11. Dominik Balazka (State University of Milan ), joint work with Dario Rodighiero (MIT and Harvard University) Was Blumer Right? Religious Values and Quantified Self in the

Petabyte Age (abstract)

  1. Yorick Wilks (University of Sheffield), Artificial Intelligence and Religion (abstract)

  2. LeRon Shults (University of Agder), Using multi-agent AI to predict and prevent religious conflict (abstract)

  3. Margherita Galassini (Independent Researcher), Robert Geraci (Manhattan College), Oliver Krüger (University of Fribourg), Massimo Leone (University of Turin), Inken Prohl (University of Heidelberg) Final Episode: Directions for Future Research in AI and Religion